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REVIEW: Admission

REVIEW: Admission

You would  think a  Tina Fey-Paul Rudd movie would be a laugh a minute and a smartly funny one , at that. But no- this one’s bipolar. It  can’t decide if it’s a rom-com or a drama. Directed by “About a Boy’s” Paul Weitz, the funniest moments  are provided by the kids and  Lily Tomlin, as  Fey’s Erica Jong-like feminist mom.

Tina Fey is Portia Nathan, a childless married  Princeton University admissions officer whose life is turned upside down when her college professor hubby (Michael Sheen) leaves her for another professor.  Paul Rudd is  the head of an alternative high school , one of the many stops  on Portia’s annual recruiting road trip.

The film nails the  phenom of overly-involved  parents  who think their children are God’s gift.  But I have to say I didn’t laugh out loud. Not once.  Smiles, yes.  Chuckles, yes. But no guffaws. 

The main problem with this film: Tina Fey didn’t write it. So she’s a mere shadow of what we’ve come to expect from her. 

“Admission”: well maybe an admission as a dvd but as a movie theater ticket, this one gets a denial. 

2 stars


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